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Sinus Lift Surgery in Calgary

Sinus Lift Surgery Near You

At Centre & 12th Dental, we offer sinus lift surgery in Calgary, a specialized dental procedure aimed at increasing bone volume in the upper jaw. This surgery is essential for patients who require dental implants but have insufficient bone height in the back of their upper jaw due to the proximity of the sinus.

Sinus Lift Surgery in Calgary

What is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift / sinus augmentation, solves the problem of inadequate bone height by lifting the sinus membrane and creating space for bone grafting. The additional bone volume allows for the successful placement of dental implants in the posterior upper jaw, ensuring a stable and long-lasting foundation for the restorations.

Who Requires a Sinus Lift?

Sinus lift surgery near you may be required if they have experienced bone loss in the upper jaw due to missing teeth, gum disease, or resorption of the bone following a tooth extraction. Without sufficient bone, dental implants may not be able to integrate properly, compromising the success of the implant restoration.

Benefits of a Sinus Lift

The benefits of sinus lift surgery in Calgary include:

  • Improved oral health and function
  • Ability to receive dental implants,
  • Enhanced aesthetics by restoring missing teeth with natural-looking restorations

Dental implants supported by adequate bone provide a durable and reliable solution for replacing missing teeth, allowing patients to enjoy a confident smile and the ability to eat and speak comfortably.

What is the Process of Sinus Lift Surgery?

  • The sinus lift surgery process involves an initial consultation and examination to assess the patient’s oral health and bone condition.
  • The procedure is typically performed under anesthesia for patient comfort.
  • The dentist will access the sinus cavity through the gum via a small incision.
  • They gently lift the membrane to the sinus membrane creating space for the grafting material.
  • The graft is set and then the grafted area is carefully sutured.

Do You Require Sinus Lift Surgery Near You?

If you believe you may require sinus lift surgery in Calgary or wish to explore dental implant options, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at Centre & 12th Dental. Our skilled team will provide detailed information, evaluate your specific needs, and recommend the most suitable treatment plan to restore your smile and oral health. Don’t hesitate to contact us and take the first step towards a confident and functional smile!