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Bone Grafting in Calgary

Bone Grafting Near You

Bone grafting in Calgary is a crucial procedure in the field of dentistry that addresses bone deficiencies in the jaw. It is a restorative treatment used to augment or replace bone tissue, enabling successful dental implant placement and restoring oral health. At Centre & 12th Dental, we offer advanced bone grafting services to provide our patients with a solid foundation for dental restorations and ensure long-lasting results.

Bone Grafting in Calgary

What is Dental Bone Grafting?

In dentistry, bone grafting involves the transplantation or placement of bone or bone-like material into areas of the jaw that have insufficient bone density. The jawbone’s quality and quantity are essential for successful dental implant procedures. When a tooth is lost or extracted, the surrounding bone may start to deteriorate, leading to decreased bone volume.

Why Would a Patient Require a Bone Graft?

Dental patients may require bone grafting in Calgary in the following situations:

  • Dental Implants – If a patient lacks sufficient bone volume for dental implant placement, bone grafting helps build up the area, creating a stable foundation for the implant.
  • Tooth Extractions – Bone grafting after a tooth extraction prevents excessive bone loss, preserving the jaw’s structure and aesthetics.
  • Periodontal Disease – Advanced gum disease can cause bone loss around the teeth, necessitating bone grafting to restore the supporting bone tissue.

What Are the Benefits of Bone Grafting?

  • Improved Implant Success – Bone grafting near you ensures a secure and stable foundation for dental implants, increasing the success rate of the procedure.
  • Preservation of Jawbone – Grafting prevents further bone loss, maintaining the jawbone’s integrity and preventing facial collapse.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics – Bone grafting can improve the appearance of the jawline and facial structure by preserving bone volume.
  • Comfortable and Functional – With a solid bone structure, patients can enjoy comfortable and functional dental restorations.
  • Long-Lasting Results – Properly grafted bone provides a lasting solution, supporting dental implants for many years.

What is the Process for Dental Bone Grafting?

  1. Our dental team will assess your oral health and determine if bone grafting is necessary during a thorough examination and with the help of X-rays.
  2. During the procedure, the bone graft material is placed into the targeted area, encouraging new bone growth.
  3. The graft integrates with the existing bone over several months, promoting natural bone regeneration.
  4. Once the jawbone has healed and gained sufficient volume, dental implants can be safely placed.

Looking For Dental Bone Grafting Near You?

At Centre & 12th Dental, our skilled and compassionate team is committed to restoring your smile’s function and aesthetics through advanced bone grafting in Calgary. If you require dental implants or have experienced bone loss in your jaw, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us.